Lesvos Euphoria International Festival

Lesvos Euphoria International Festival is a 3-day wellness festival which will take place in Molyvos, Lesvos on September 2018.

Quoting from the official website:

Lesvos is a popular destination to yoga and alternative sport groups from all over the world from the early 1960s.

From ancient times, Lesvos has been a source of special energy and inspiration for innumerous writers, musicians, artists and philosophers such as Aristotle and Theofrastus, Arion the Guitarist and Terpandros, Sappho and Pittakos, one of the 7 Sages of Ancient Greece. It is the ideal location for guests to rediscover themselves and to lay down mechanisms that will help them cope with the fast pace and the stress of every day life.

The 3-day festival, 7 – 9 September, will be rich in events for both locals and visitors of all ages and levels, with teachers and specialists from all over the world inspiring and guiding us.

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